8th META-Health Conference,

Main Conference Speaker
Rob van Overbruggen is a META-Health Senior Master Trainer and author of the book Healing Psyche. His passion for health and wellbeing started in 1994. At first he focused on mental health, using hypnosis, neuro-linguistics and energy psychology. In 1996 he started to study how the mind influences dis-ease processes. His book Healing Psyche explains the influence of the mind on the process of cancer from a scientific point of view.
Rob conducts trainings, lectures and keynotes all over the world. Over the last 20 years Rob has taught more than 4000 people to take more responsibility of their life, health and happiness.

Kavita is an Internationally trained and accredited Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Life Coach, a Meta Health Practitioner, a Bowen Therapist and an Inner Child Trauma specialist. She started on this journey in the year 2001, when an accident broker her L4-L5 disc, leaving her semi-paralyzed with seizures. This event turned out to be a stepping stone for her to think differently, about herself and the way she was living. Since then she has been on a journey of finding answers so that she can help people bring positive changes in their lives and lead a more fulfilling and satisfying life. She is a firm believer that to be able to help others you have to first heal yourself and so is committed to continuously working on herself and studying various modalities that will not only help her but even others. Today she specializes in integrating modalities that give quick, amazing and life changing results.  She is able to  pursue her passion with freedom, enjoying perfect health, leaving unhealthy relationships and embracing new loving relationships. Her life is an example of the miracles you can create with the  support of the universe  as you continue to work on yourself and follow your heart.

Astrid Paulini

She has a degree in economics and worked for 28 years in the IT area,  a healing practitioner since almost 20 years, a certified trainer for META-PEAT, certified trainer for META-Health practitioner,  living in Germany, mother, wife, granny, friend and with her heart and my soul in everything she does

Johannes Fisslinger, PhD, Germany / USA
Johannes R. Fisslinger, Germany / USA
Main Conference and Advanced Training Speaker
Johannes Fisslinger is co-founder of META-Health and the Intl. META-Medicine Association (IMMA) and founder of META-Health University, the world's only Lifestyle Prescriptions Training School teaching advanced META-Health applications.
Johannes wrote 5 books, created the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Awareness Campaigns and National Yoga Month September and directed and produced the acclaimed movie TITANS OF YOGA.
Currently, Johannes is focusing on building a network of low-investment, high satisfaction Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Centers around the world.

Main Conference and Advanced Training Speaker  
Dr. Anton Bader studied medicine at university in Freiburg and Frankfurt/Main, Germany with a clinical education in surgery, anesthesia and internal medicine. Since 1984 he has had a very successful general medical practice in Heilbronn in South Germany.
Dr. Bader co-founded the International META-Medicine Association (IMMA) with Johannes R. Fisslinger to train health professionals in mind-body-social diagnostics based on integrative medicine. He is one of the world-wide authorities in brain relay diagnostics.
He sees his tasks as integrating the knowledge of different branches of science; improving the integrative therapeutic approaches for the benefit of patients; educating the personality for peaceful and healthy living together in harmony with the natural and spiritual laws

She is a qualified BHMS, M.D. (Homoeopath Materia Medica) and META-Health Practitioner. She is working in a dispensary run by Pune Municipal Corporation.
and also working as a Consultant Homoeopath in Inlaks and Budhrani Charitable hospital. Pune
 She is practicing Homoeopathy for last 25 years specially treating cases of Primary Infertility in women with PCOD.She has done her  thesis in treating 40 cases of Acute  diarrhea with moderate dehydration in Paediatric age group of 0-5 years, for M. D.Currently working on cases with META-Health  and Homoeopathy.

She is a META Health Coach and Trainer, certified hypnotherapist and NLP trainer,she is also trained in physiotherapy, massage, lymphatic drainage, swiss acupuncture massage and reflexology. she has been looking back upon rich experiences in leading sailing ships, in crafts, in self-sufficiency and permaculture, so now she can "preach what she lives" regarding sustainable lifestyles and creating your reality... An investigating mind, she likes to dive into research and to share and discuss findings and interpretations with other people!

Lars is passionate about spreading hope in the world. He teaches effective techniques to conquer fears and phobias. If you have physical ailments or serious diseases – often the emotional stuff is cleared the body heals itself.
Lars have made more than 50 lectures a year since 2003 about Tapping, Laughter and META-Health. Lars is fun and outgoing and full of surprises.
Lars have had more than 5.000 individual clients since 2000, and trained more than 2000 therapists since 2004.
Together with his wife Hanne Heilesen he has the training company Heilesen & Mygind. Together Hanne and Lars are passionate about teaching people the best healing techniques from around the world.

How to support your loved one with cancer.
Lars will talk about his own process married to Hanne who had cancer four, maybe five times during 12 years and she is now free of symptoms.
What did Hanne do?
What did Lars do, to help Hanne and himself?
How can META-Health be the understanding to create trust, faith and hope.

Dr Snehal Patil  is a (B.H.M.S) Consulting Homoeopath.
She is also a Mudra therapist and  META-Health Practitioner

Advanced Training and Workshop Leader
Jasmina Kovacev, BSc, is a dedicated student and teacher of life. On her learning journey, which has lasted over two decades, she has studied 29 modalities and techniques in order to be able to provide high quality support for her clients and students. Jasmina teaches EFT and META-Health around the world and runs a number of specialized seminars and transformational workshops.
She also runs an extraordinary program ‘I Choose Living – Emotional and Mental Healing Retreat for Cancer Affected’. Her broad experience in working with stress, emotions and beliefs that affect us in all areas of our lives is integrated in her teaching. This allows participants to get a much deeper understanding of the subject

Robert Waghmare is a META-Health Senior Master Trainer, EFT Advanced Trainer and director of the META-Health Academy. Before becoming a coach and trainer in 2003, Robert’s background in business systems research and consultancy provided the perfect backdrop for him to develop powerful methodologies for helping people solve complex problems.
Robert is a leading innovator in the field of META-Health, as co-developer of META-Kinetics, a system of Advanced Kinesiology and META-Health, and creator of the Emotional Pattern Elicitation Process and the forthcoming Fusion Energetics.
Robert is a systems thinker who works integratively, bringing together many cutting-edge systems of health and personal development, including EFT, NLP, Developmental Behavioural Modelling, Access Consciousness and the Human Design System. He combines intuition and awareness with scientific approach to enquiry to provide unique and transformational approach to healing & personal development.

Doreen Soans began her career as a MetaHealth practitioner in 2013. Despite being a successful hair stylist she was drawn to Meta Health because of her beautiful experience with Richard Flook and Anu Mehta. She has trained under Anu Mehta on MetaHealth, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and ACE. She has successfully worked on her Psoriasis and Food allergies using Meta Health and has also successfully helped her clients with her expertise.

Currently majoring in Psychology
(From Mumbai University)
And pursuing her career in clinical psychology.
Meta medicine practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique, Advanced Clearing Energetics, Genius Report and attended Meta-Vision workshop.
Her major interests are in studying in depth research on brain malfunctioning and incorporating Meta-Health science.She is very dedicated and compassionate towards helping people and bringing a change in their lives 

Change Management | Productivity Consultant at Manage The Now
Vision : To ENGAGE in building a WORLD where everyone sees THE POSSIBILITY in every circumstance and CHOOSES powerfully every "N O W " 
Mission : The Transformation  of all of us, INDIVIDUALS & COMMUNITIES through exercising ACCEPTANCE & INTEGRITY, to live FREEDOM & POWER every "N O W" we witness.
Specialties : Change Management | Life Model Consultant
"Life Model" Workshop Instructor
"Life Model" Coach
Online Social Media Solutions Consultant.

Jyoti Lalwani is a qualified in B.Sc Microbiology, P.G.D Dietetics M.D (A.M). She os also a  Naturopathy specialist, has certification for Nutrigenomics, Pranic Healing,  Crystal Therapy and META - Health Practitioner.

Dr Rashmi Nagpal Arora obtained her Bachelors degree in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery in 1996 from University of Delhi and then pursued MBA in Hospital Administration. She  has  a successful homeopathic practice at New Delhi, India.  She has also worked at various renowned institutes in India as Medical Officer and Research and Development Officer, Homeopathy.  In the year 2004 she was  she was awarded by the Board of Homeopathic System of Medicine, New Delhi for meritorious services rendered by her for the cause of homeopathy.
She is practicing META- Health, Colour Diagnosis, Numerical Frequency Treatment and Access bars along with  her homeopathic practice.  She believes in pursuing and integrating  alternative medical systems for the benefit of patients.  She is an ardent reader and writer. Two of her papers have been published in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology and Paediatric Dermatology

Ashvini Jadhav Bhagat
She is an Educationist,Actor, will soon debut as a Film Producer with Table Talks Entertainments Pvt Ltd.She is a post graduate with Masters Management Studies  
She is a Meta-health practitioner and an Access Bars certified trainer and practitioner. 

She firmly believes that people around only need to feel the comfort of having a belongingness and support, and so she is the support system to all around her.
Her core passion is theatre. she will be creating some  interesting highlights  for this conference..

 Dr Anu Mehta is the only Master trainer of a diagnostics tool called META-Health, and a trainer in Information technology called NES-health and Advanced Clearing Energetics in India today.  She also trains people in various emotion releasing techniques.
Dr Anu Mehta assists in healing people by identifying the stress, which causes physical illness or psychological illness. Anu believes in empowering people. According to her real empowerment can only happen when people identify their stress and then go ahead and make that CHANGE that is required to have happy and healthy life. The only person who can make that change is YOU. She always says “Don’t give up, just give yourself permission to set yourself free from the chains that are holding you down and making you cry”. So go ahead and make that one change today that can make you feel happy and complete.

The Main Conference and Advanced Training Speaker, and Post-Conference Training Leader Dr Kwesi Anan Odum is the  President of IMMA and creator of META-Vision, an advanced understanding of META-Health and the Eyes.
He is a medical doctor with a degree from the University of Kiel, Germany, 25 years clinical medical experience and out of this 15 years as a specialist in ophthalmology and integrative psychosomatic medicine. Dr Kwesi also integrates the Lüscher-Color-Diagnostic System and Astro-Medicine, integrating modern science, spirituality,  the emotions and the power of the mind

Ute Hirth is a freelance Health and Success Coach, META-Health Master Practitioner, Burnout- and Stress prevention, various trainings and certifications in the field of energy psychology since 2010.During the conference, she will offer single coaching sessions at special rates!
She Practices META Energetics.META Energetics Insight into our energy system - pulses to self-help - with the bio-meter (divining rod) are our body's energy fields (aura, chakras, meridians, organs) measured, harmonized with energy work and restored. About our energy system our self-healing powers are optimally activated. Since man is the transmitter and receiver of energy at the same time. virtually the Bio-meter can measure our bio energy, both including food, toxins, bedroom and place of work, E-Smog, trauma, conflict and extraneous and strange energies. Traumas and conflicts get harmonized in life calendar, so that they do not adversely affect our biological system. Foreign energy sources, if any, will be replaced, as they very often can cause diseases. Allergy symptoms usually disappear within minutes.

Dr Anu Mehta , Dr. Safinaz Abdul Salam , Dr. Rahee Joshi, Dr Anton Bader, Dr Kwesi Anan Odum, Robert Waghmare, Dr Ahmed Eldemellawy 
Johannes Fieslinge, Jyoti Lalwani, Walter Reiner, Dr. Rashmi  Nagpal Arora, Jasmina Kovalev, Dr. Snehal Abhijit Patil, Doreen Soans, Leena Lal
Astrid Paulini, Sonali Sikdar, Ashwani Jadhav, Kavita Freedom, Dr Miho Nanami , Kora Klapp, Rob van Overbrugge, .Abuna sumai,Ute Hirth.