Helena Kujama, Finland

Dr. Snehal Patil 


Richard Flook,Candana

She isIntegrating META-Health with Psychology She has done a study and the aim of the study is to use META- Health techniques to improve and increase the awareness of the mental health and spiritual health for women to decrease the level of symptoms of psychotic disorders.

Dr Safinaz Abdul Salam is a Ph. D. in Educational Psychology, Ain Shames University, Girls College- Psychology Department, CAIRO – EGYPT.   May 2011.

She has worked in El Tawfikia Takhasusi Hospital, Nasr City, Egypt, Unit of Phoniatrics Specialist. since  June 2003 She is also a Supervisor at the Egypt Medical Center for the Care of Special Needs, Almaza, Cairo and a Speech Pathologist and psychologist at “Dr. Adel Negm Neurology and Psychology Center”, at Nasr City, Cairo.  March 2003. She is also a certified Lüscher Colour Diagnostic Practitioner.

Jyoti Lalwani, India

Jasmina Kovacev 

New Zealand

Bhaavin Shah, India

Tarminder Manchanda, India

Lars Mygind  


Ute Hirth, Germany

Neha Banerjee, India.

Robert Waghmare


Have you ever asked yourself  ‘Why am I sick?’ and ‘How can I heal?’

Since the horrific death of Richard Flook's mother at age 12, from breast cancer that spread, and a herniated disc that rendered him almost unable to walk at age 37, Richard Flook has been asking why do we get sick and how can we heal. This lead him on a journey to discover that there was a direct link between certain health problems and specific stressful events. However that was only the start. As he explored how mother nature creates a disease he stumbled upon how she actually heals.
Essentially he reversed the disease process during his META-Health Training and to his amazement people healed themselves.
He then went on to develop his won modality and teach others this process. They got the same results. He named the process Advanced Clearing Energetics or ACE for short, because it truly involves clearing the stressful events that lead to pain, illness, addictions and psychological conflicts.
Over 20 years of research has gone into Richard Flook’s brand new material, which beautifully integrates with many modalities. Influences come from his previous work with Peter Fraser from NES Health along with his past experiences in other modalities. Those include Integrative Health Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, EFT, Meta-Health, nutrition, esoteric studies, and his ongoing research into why and how a disease creates itself.

JJuthika Dcruz is an Image Consultant, who believes in the enhancement of a personality , not just from the outside , but also from the inside. Born in the fashion hub of  Mumbai, she has an eclectic sense of presentation and style.

 Through her entrepreneurial venture - White Canvas Image Management (WCIM) , she conducts training workshops on image and soft skills  topics as well as personal consultation and therapy sessions for life issues. WCIM’s philosophy is based on her experiences with the darker side of life and yet a strong belief that everyone is beautiful. Everyone can be their impressive best and live life to it’s fullest ! The inner beauty of a person can be powerfully represented through her/his outer appearance and vice versa. Juthika is committed to helping people discover themselves to put their best foot forward with grace, confidence and finesse.

She has an array of qualifications in NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Counseling, Redikall Healing, is a trained Reiki and Magnified Healing Practitioner, an Angel Therapy Teacher and an intuitive Tarot Card Reader.

Her motto in life is “BE BEAUTIFUL, INSIDE OUT”.


Johannes Fisslinger, PhD,  Germany/USA

Dr. Kulikova Alla Dmitrievna., Czech Republic

Dr. Ameet Shashikant Patki is a Gynecologist in Khar West, Mumbai. Dr. Ameet Shashikant Patki practices at Fertility Associates in Khar West, Mumbai. He completed MBBS and DGO.

At Fertility Associates,they believe in having a holistic approach to treatment of infertility problems - from investigation, individual assessment, to equipping couples with full information and helping them make informed decisions for tailor made treatments. Fertility Associates doctors, nursing staff, laboratory specialists and administrative personnel are dedicated to enhancing your comfort and your chances of successfully having a baby.

Helena Kujama is META-Health Master Trainer and founder of META-Ennea.

She will be joining us over the Skype.She is a messenger of transformation who assists clients to desired newness. She is passionate for spiritual aspects of health and loves to work with Angels.

Dr. Ameet Shashikant Patki,MBBS , DGO,

Robert Waghmare is a META-Health Master Trainer, EFT Advanced Trainer and director of the META-Health Academy Great Britain. Before becoming a coach and trainer in 2003, Robert’s background in business systems research and consultancy provided the perfect backdrop for him to develop powerful methodologies for assisting people to solve complex challenges in their lives.
Robert is a leading innovator in the field of META-Health, as co-developer of META-Kinetics, a system of Advanced Kinesiology and META-Health, and creator of the Emotional Pattern Elicitation Process and the forthcoming Fusion Energetics.
Robert is a systems thinker who works systemically, bringing together effective cutting-edge systems of health and personal development, including EFT, NLP, Developmental Behavioural Modelling, Access Consciousness and the Human Design System. He combines intuition and awareness with scientific approach to enquiry to provide unique and transformational approach to healing & personal development.

Ute Hirth is a freelance Health and Success Coach, META-Health Master Practitioner, Burnout- and Stress prevention Coach, various trainings and certifications in the field of energy psychology since 2010.
Ute is the developer of META Energetics. META Energetics enables insight into our energy system - pulses to self-help - with the bio-meter (divining rod) our body's energy fields (aura, chakras, meridians, organs) are measured, restored  and  harmonized with energy work. 
Our energy system, our self-healing powers are optimally activated. for man-woman is the transmitter and receiver of energy at the same time. Virtually the Bio-meter can measure our bio energy, both including food, toxins, bedroom and place of work, Electro-Smog, trauma, conflict and extraneous and strange energies. Traumas and conflicts get harmonized in life so that they do not adversely affect our biological system. Foreign energy sources, if any, will be replaced, as they very often can cause diseases. Allergy symptoms usually disappear within minutes.

Bindu Khurana Says "Your name number is made up of a series of numerical vibrations that contain the essence of your identity. Each alphabet denotes a number and the total numbers of the alphabets describes an individual’s personality. Each part of your name explains different things about you.

a. The first name indicates your personality.

b. The middle name shows how you cope in emergencies.

c. The last name (Surname) demonstrates your hereditary traits."

Mehernosh Randeria is India's First and Only Wealth-Wisdom-Wellness Coach. (www.W3Coach.com)
Being an Internationally Accredited Coach from ICF, a Doubly Certified NLP Practitioner and a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, he empowers people to discover their path to prosperity in the 3 Ws of life.
1. Wealth: Being a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Financial Planner, with 18 years of corporate finance experience, Mehernosh educates people in Financial Accumen for Business and in Personal Financial Fitness. 
2. Wisdom: Being India's First Brainival Facilitator on thinking skills and learning skills, and also Mumbai's First GTD Trainer, Mehernosh trains and coaches people on Creativity, Productivity and Mental Fitness.
3. Wellness: Being a Certified Physical Fitness Trainer from K11 Fitness Academy and India's First Licensed Trainer of Emotional Fitness Gym, Mehernosh helps people to enhance their Physical and Emotional Fitness. 
Aspire-Act-Achieve is Mehernosh's mantra of success. 

Abhas Desai,India

Suma Varughese is the editor-in-chief of Life Positive, India's premier body-mind-spirit magazine. She has been associated with the magazine since its inception in April 1996. Beginning as bureau chief (Mumbai) she took over as editor-in-chief of Life Positive in December 2005. As a pioneer of spiritual journalism in India she is driven by a mission to help raise human consciousness. She has been pursuing this through her own writing as well as through the magazine. She is author of Travelling Light and Travelling Lighter, collections of her columns in Life Positive. Her clarity, visionary perspective and idealism have enabled her to have a unique influence on her readers, and therefore on society. Formerly editor of the popular lifestyle magazine, Society, Ms Varughese is a popular guest speaker at many conferences and seminars and has been intimately connected with the rise of the spiritual movement in India.

In December 2015, she chaired the section on spirituality for the popular Hindustan Times Leadership Summit held in New Delhi. In September 2016, she was one of the guest speakers at the International conference on Mindful Leadership, held in New Delhi.

She is also the founder-facilitator of the popular Zen of Good Writing Course, a unique teaching that blends together spirituality and writing, both of which have been the twin threads that have governed her life.

A follower of Mahatma Gandhi, she is a passionate advocate of his vision for the world. An idealist and visionary, her mission is to pave the way for a new world, governed by the philosophy of oneness, creating a society that is peaceful, harmonious, joyous, loving and kind. She has devoted her life to the realisation of that vision, and everything she does as editor of Life Positive as well as a facilitator, is based on that.ype your paragraph here.

Karishma Ahuja is an Author, Mind Power Trainer & Speaker. She specialises in Law of Attraction and a Powerful Hawaiin
Problem solving technique called Ho'oponopono. Karishma has coached thousands of people over the last 5 years. Her book-''The Healing Power of Words'' is available on amazon worldwide.

Karishma runs a Training company called MasterMind Training that conducts Workshops, Courses, Talks and Seminars for Children, Parents, Corporates and Individuals to understand Meta-secrets to happy living by finding their Purpose and Achieving their Goals by raising their Vibration instead of placing blame on others, helping them break free from past to return to live with Joy

Juthika Dcruz, India

Doreen soans India

Dr Anjali Chhabria is the founder of Mindtemple, a counselling centre which caters to the psychiatric, emotional and behavioural concerns of individuals. She was the president of the Bombay Psychiatric Society from 2001–02.

            Dr Chhabria has contributed in the past to many leading dailies like the Times of India, Mid-Day, DNA, Indian Express, and magazines like India Today, the Physician’s Digest, Femina, Women’s Era, Savvy and Harmony. She also writes a regular column in the Sindhian and in the Delhi-based Free Press Journal. In addition, she is a regular on-air speaker for Radio Mirchi Mumbai, and has given inputs at other local radio stations like 92.7 Big FM. She has also been a part of esteemed panels for various television shows, and a chief guest for contests such as Gladrags Megamodel and Manhunt.

            Dr Chhabria is one of the first few doctors to offer the latest treatments for mental disorders like Repetitive Trans-cranial Magnetic Treatment (rTMS) since 2011, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) since 2012, and Trans-cranial Direct Current Stimulation (TDCS) treatment since 2013 in affiliation with Delhi-based Dr Sanjay Chugh

About the Book:Death is not the Answer

Every 3 seconds globally someone somewhere attempts suicide and every 40 seconds a person succeeds . Unfortunately one out of these three suicides is happening in India . As a practicing Indian psychiatrist,  I feel ashamed to share that our  age group 15 to 25 is most vulnerable . Most of these young deaths can be prevented  with timely help.However due to lack of awareness, stigma and misconceptions  these lives are being lost. 

'Death Is Not the Answer' (Penguin Publications) is the first Indian book to help understand the suicidal mind. It also speaks about the ways in which one can prevent suicide. 

Kora Klapp will join us over the Skype. She is a META Health Coach and Trainer, certified hypnotherapist and NLP trainer,she is also trained in physiotherapy, massage, lymphatic drainage, swiss acupuncture massage and reflexology. she has been looking back upon rich experiences in leading sailing ships, in crafts, in self-sufficiency and permaculture, so now she can "preach what she lives" regarding sustainable lifestyles and creating your reality... An investigating mind, she likes to dive into research and to share and discuss findings and interpretations with other people!

Rob van Overbruggen is a META-Health Master Trainer and author of the book Healing Psyche. His passion for health and wellbeing started in 1994. At first he focused on mental health, using hypnosis, neuro-linguistics and energy psychology. In 1996 he started to study how the mind influences dis-ease processes. His book Healing Psyche explains the influence of the mind on the process of cancer from a scientific point of view.
Rob conducts trainings, lectures and keynotes all over the world. Over the last 20 years Rob has taught more than 4000 people to take more responsibility of their life, health and happiness.

Room Lakhani, India

Leena Lal, India, Student.

Neha Banerjee is an internationally acclaimed Kathak dancer, who has performed at various festivals like Taj Mahotsav Khejurao and Ajanta Ellora and Surya festival.  She  has won the title of FEM Mrs India in 2016. She is gearing up for Gladrags which is on 18feb,2017 and will be representing India for Mrs Earth in June 2017.

Dr.Safinaz Abdul Salam, Egypt

Rob Van Overbruggen, PHD, The Netherlands

Ashvini Jadhav Bhagat India


Sujata Singhi, india

Kulikova Alla Dmitrievna - Full Member (Academician) of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, born 15 July 1942, Sverdlovsk, Russia. She graduated from the Kiev Medical University of Taras Shevchenko. In 1983 she defended her thesis at the junction of the two occupations: experimental biochemistry and human health. Subject: The use of sea water for drinking in the closed systems of life / space experiment / and therapeutic purposes in spa. Since 1970, she taught at the departments of the Medical Institute for 25 years, itinerant career of her husband (naval officer). In connection with moving the chairs to read a lot of medical disciplines: colloidal, organic chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, a course of higher nervous system, endocrinology course and a course of radiobiology, therapy, etc.

She is Head and President of INTERNATIONAL PSY – Academy (IPA) of Czech Republic and Slovakia /1992/. The purpose of IPA: the highest form of perfection, the expansion of consciousness, realization of personal qualities, self-healing as a major factor of life support. Knowledge of the principles and mechanisms of rebirth.

Jasmina Kovacev , BSc, is a dedicated student and teacher of life. On her learning journey, which has lasted over two decades, she has studied 29 modalities and techniques in order to be able to provide high quality support for her clients and students. Jasmina teaches EFT and META-Health around the world and runs a number of specialized seminars and transformational workshops. She is a certified Lüscher Colour Diagnostic Practitioner

She also runs an extraordinary program ‘I Choose Living – Emotional and Mental Healing Retreat for Cancer Affected’. Her broad experience in working with stress, emotions and beliefs that affect us in all areas of our lives is integrated in her teaching. This allows participants to get a much deeper understanding of the subject.

 Dr Miho Nonami


Dr Snehal Patil  is a (B.H.M.S) Consulting Homoeopath.
She is also a Mudra therapist and  META-Health Practitioner

Mehernosh Randeria

Bindu Khurana

 Dr. Ahmed Eldemellawy is a Change Management, and Self Development Consultant, in "Manage The Now" Inc. Ahmed has a medical degree and a master of business administration. Ahmed did postgraduate research in biomedical Ultrasound imaging in Seattle Washington. He is also a certified Lusher Colour Trainer and certified Meta-Health Master Practitioner.

Ahmed has 20 years’ experience in training and managing of marketing and promotion with a special interest in social online solutions.Through his consulting and coaching career, for individuals, local companies, and multinational companies, Ahmed developed "The Manage The Now Model". “Manage The Now Model” is a human basis of easy and satisfying self-management process. It provides transformational personal and institutional communications methodologies.

Ahmed practices Meta-Health, and colour psychology, in self-management, coaching and training practice.  Ahmed uses advanced psychometric tests to evaluate the psyche of his coaching and training clients to monitor the progress of their emotional and behaviour states. Ahmed developed advanced methodologies of interpretation of such tests.

Organisations and individuals who use Ahmed's services and technologies improved their personal and institutional productivity in such a manner that transformed the quality of their performance, their self-acceptance, and the satisfaction of their customers.

Ahmed is a pioneer of META-Health in Africa. Together with his late brother Dr Khaled Eldemellawy, he introduced META-Health to Egypt and organised the 5th META-Health Conference in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt, in March 2013. Ahmed has been conducting META-Health 2-Day and full Meta-Health Practitioner trainings in Cairo, and Alexandria for 4 years. He also invited several Meta-Health Master Trainers to teach in Cairo and Alexandria.  

Ahmed is committed to healing through identifying the specific stress and regaining balance of emotions of his clients, and to improve their social interactions. Ahmed is an out of the box thinker. One of his recent interests is to study, apply and integrate the Polyvagal Theory developed by Dr. Stephen Porges in the META-Health teachings and practice.

Suma Varughese, India

Bhaavin Shah is a self-absorbed thinker, a spiritual trainer, a personal coach, an inspiring author and an empathetic healer. Qualified as a production engineer from India's premiere institute VJTI, he brings to his work immaculate drive, depth and delivery. 
He is a truth-seeker by nature and has a natural flair for getting to the bottom of things and actively sharing his learning. He is a key trainer of the organization SSY which has more than 1000 trainers across the world. 
He has a voracious appetite for reading and for making a difference to the world. 
He chooses to believe in the holistic vision of man - where inner world is not divorced from the outer world. He loves the concept of belonging to and nurturing a spiritual community that chooses to stay, work, eat, pray and prosper together, living in a commune. He would love to create such communes that can be of great service to mankind. That's a cause very close to his heart and a deep calling that he wishes to manifest. He takes his causes very playfully. 

 While he chooses to be a non-ambitious idler on one hand who loves to pleasure himself by savoring his interests and the simpler joys of life, knowing fully well that nothing ultimately matters; another part of him gets him to pleasure himself by devoting a big part of his waking hours to actualise the vision of the ideal world that he, his friends, his enlightened guides and his late master share.


Pooja Bedi is a well known personality in the world of Film/TV/Entertainment and media.Her other avatars include being a Social activist, author, philanthropist, adventurer, mother and simply being a happy soul.She is an award winning relationship Columnist with her column Heart Chakra in Times of India, and an award winning talk show host of Just 
Pooja.She holds the highest diplomas in behavioural, clinical and spiritual hypnotherapyShe is a practitioner of Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Heal your life, Shamanism, crystal therapy, angel cards and Magnified Healing.
Her Happy Soul Workshops aim to transform all your negatives into positives, be it emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually. These powerful courses shape interpersonal relationships within your home, family, friendships as well as within your workplace .
“We are not human beings seeking a spiritual existence, we are spiritual beings having a human experience” Pooja Bedi and Happy Soul help you break free of all that limits you and show you how to have the most positive and productive life journey.

 Roop Lakhani is passionate about her work, she helps  people on their journey to life  to transform themselves, when they are confused, stuck or feeling negative.She helps to train people for Tarot Card Reading, Numerology and Vastu She is a spiritual catalyst and uses TEUAS,  an iintegrated modality created by her, to know and unblock the blocking beliefs and sabotaging emotions 

Her motto is to use Mind and Consciousness as  tools to transform people towards inspiring, optimistic and motivating life. she is a certified practitioner for EFT, META- Health, Matrix Reimprinting, The Journey, Hypnosis, Psych-K, Theta Healing, Reiki, Soul Healing, DNA healing and more.

She was guided by my Higher Spirits for some unique creative works.She has authored a book, The Inner Journey, based on Chakra Balancing. 

I have been guided to create 8 different card sets, General life purpose, Work, Health, Relationships, Finance, Empowerment, Karma cards, Belief Cards.

Johannes Fisslinger, PhD, Germany / USA
Johannes R. Fisslinger, Germany / USA
Main Conference and Advanced Training Speaker
Johannes Fisslinger is co-founder of META-Health and the Intl. META-Medicine Association (IMMA) and founder of META-Health University, the world's only Lifestyle Prescriptions Training School teaching advanced META-Health applications.
Johannes wrote 5 books, created the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Awareness Campaigns and National Yoga Month September and directed and produced the acclaimed movie TITANS OF YOGA.
Currently, Johannes is focusing on building a network of low-investment, high satisfaction Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Centers around the world.

She has a degree in economics and worked for 28 years in the IT area,  a healing practitioner for almost 20 years, developer of  META-PEAT, certified META-Health Practitioner. She  lives in Germany, is a mother, wife, granny, friend and with her heart and soul in everything she does. As developer of META-PEAT her clients achieve  extraordinary results in releasing and balancing their emotions, she is a master in guiding her clients through the process of transformation. 


Leena Kejriwal, India

Doreen Soans began her career as a MetaHealth practitioner in 2013. Despite being a successful hair stylist she was drawn to Meta Health because of her beautiful experience with Richard Flook and Anu Mehta. She has trained under Anu Mehta on MetaHealth, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and ACE. She has successfully worked on her Psoriasis and Food allergies using Meta Health and has also successfully helped her clients with her expertise.

Dr. Nivedta N. Patil , India is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon  who practices Medical ophthalmology,Anterior segment surgeries, Contact lens fittings Retinal lasers,  Fundus Angiography  and Yag lasers. She  has worked in various hospitals including Red Cross.

 She has been involved i various Research work projects which are associated with many clinical trials and research work namely -Role of NSAID ( Ocuflur ) in CME,
Safety and efficacy of ciprofloxacin with dexa  combination eye drops in inflammatory conditions of the eye, Safety and efficacy of gatifloxacin ophthalmic solution in eye infections, Role of antioxidant tablets in ARMD, Safety and efficacy of moxifloxacin ophthalmic solution in bacterial conjunctivitis, Safety and efficacy of chloroquine phosphate eye drops in dry eyes, Safety and efficacy of HPMC eye drops an ocular lubricant preserved with sodium perborate in treatment of patients developing dry eye after cataract surgery and ongoing  studies in Glaucoma, conjuntivities, dry eyes.

 She has won various awards  and presented papers on above mentioned topics. 

Anu Mehta, India

Karishma Ahuja, India

Kora Klapp, Germany

Jyoti Lalwani is a qualified in B.Sc Microbiology, P.G.D Dietetics M.D (A.M). She os also a  Naturopathy specialist, has certification for Nutrigenomics, Pranic Healing,  Crystal Therapy and META - Health Practitioner.

Ashvini Jadhav Bhagat
She is an Educationist,Actor, will soon debut as a Film Producer with Table Talks Entertainments Pvt Ltd.She is a post graduate with Masters Management Studies  
She is a Meta-health practitioner and an Access Bars certified trainer and practitioner.

She firmly believes that people around only need to feel the comfort of having a belongingness and support, and so she is the support system to all around her.
Her core passion is theatre. she will be creating some  interesting highlights  for this conference..

Miho Nonami is a medical doctor and an the first Master Trainer of META-Health in Japan.  As a pathologist she has deep knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of the human body and with integrating META-Medicine she got in depth understanding how the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual interact in our human body field.  At the 8th International META-Health Conference in Mumbai she shares  her own healing journey with suppressed and undervalued femininity, which is still a large issue of women in many countries. 


Abuna Semai

Dr. Ahmed Eldemellawy, Egypt

Dr. Anton Bader studied medicine at University in Freiburg and Frankfurt/Main, Germany with a clinical education in surgery, anaesthesia and internal medicine. Since 1984 he has had a very successful general medical practice in Heilbronn in South Germany.

Dr. Bader co-founded the International META-Medicine Association (IMMA) with Johannes R. Fisslinger in 2004 to train health professionals in mind-body-social diagnostics based on integrative medicine. He is one of the world-wide authorities in Brain CT-Relay diagnostics.

He sees his tasks as integrating the knowledge of different branches of science; improving the integrative therapeutic approaches for the benefit of patients; educating the personality for peaceful and healthy living together in harmony with the natural and spiritual laws.


Pooja Bedi,Anu Mehta ,Dr. Safinaz Abdul Salam ,Dr. Rahee Joshi, Dr Anton Bader, Dr Kwesi Anan Odum, Dr. Abhas Desai, Robert Waghmare,Dr Ahmed Eldemellawy, Johannes Fisslinger, Jyoti Lalwani, Walter Reiner, Dr. Rashmi  Nagpal Arora​, Jasmina Kovacev, Dr. Snehal Abhijit Patil, Doreen Soans, Leena Lal, Namrata Thakker, Astrid Paulini, Sonali Sikdar, Ashwani Jadhav, Kavita Freedom, Dr Miho Nonami, Kora Klapp,  Rob van Overbruggen, Stefan Streaker, Ute Hirth,  Suma Varughese, Sujata Singhi, Leena Kejriwal, Dr. Amit Patki, Helena Kujama,  Richard Flook, Dr. Nivedta N. Patil, Dr. Anjali Chhabra, Dr. Kulikova Alla Dmitrievna, Neha Banejee,Juthika Dcruz,Ms. Sumita Mendiratta, Roop Lakhani, Arunagiri Mudaliar, Gita Jayakumar,Tarminder Manchanda, Karishma Ahuja,Bhaavin Shah, Niyati Shah

8th META-Health Conference February 16 - 19, 2017

Namrata Thakker, an Entrepreneur & Transformation coach who has positively impacted many individuals by conducting trainings for over 100 educational institutes, corporate, entrepreneurs and open seminars for NGOs, by using various  powerful tools for learning.

 She is the founder of Entrepreneur Excel, an international organization, which currently has 13,000 members . She organizes empowering meetings where everybody gets an opportunity to BOND, LEARN & EMPOWER.
 Namrata is a seeker who is continuously educating herself. She believes that she has grown wiser with age and has given others as well as to herself permission to do what her/their heart desires. Her success Mantra is to surrounded herself with talented and positive people. According to her a good entrepreneur should be able deal with obstacles the organization is facing and create vision and passion such that people can be committed to deliver common  purpose and also have ability to stand aside so that  people  can deliver for this common goal.

Arunagiri Mudaliar, India.

Gita Jayakumara, India

Dr Anton Bader, Germany

The Co-Organiser of the India META-Health Conference and Post-Conference Training Leader Dr Kwesi Anan Odum is the President of IMMA since 2016 and creator of META-Vision, an advanced understanding of META-Health and the Eyes.

He is a medical doctor with a degree from the University of Kiel, Germany, 25 years clinical medical experience and out of this 16 years as a specialist in ophthalmology and integrative psychosomatic medicine, he is also a Lüscher Colour Diagnostic Master Trainer, 64keys Expert and GeniusReport Coach. 

Dr Kwesi’s motto is that everyone engaged in health needs to integrate a modality for each of the 4 universal aspects of our life in his/her practice. The physical, the Emotional, the Mental and the Spiritual, so the work becomes whole, integrative enabling the body to unfold it’s natural intelligence and operate in alignment with nature. He is convinced that Quantum Physics, integrating all 4 aspects of our existence, is the future of medicine, bridging conventional medicine with complementary and alternative medicine.

For the Physical World  he integrates conventional Medicine and META-Medicine, for the Emotional and Mental World the Lüscher-Color-System (Categorical Autoregulative Psychologic), furthermore for the Mental World 64keys (a further development of Human Design), NLP and Landmark Breakthrough Technology™,  for the Spiritual World meditation, what he defines as “the universal medicine” and Astro-Medicine.

With his interdisciplinary background his passion is to empower people and assist them in creating a joyful and healthy life.

Arunagiri Mudaliar is an International Trainer - Coach - Mentor

Mr. Arunaagiri is an established, Passionate and Intense Trainer, Motivator and Coach. His personal up gradation and passion for training is the main reason why he ventured into Training in spite of being a successful Entrepreneur himself. He has always believed that entrepreneurship has enabled him even more to deliver his programs with more experience, clarity, understanding and precision. And that has been the reason of his immense goodwill as a Trainer to all his clients.

His qualifications include an M.Sc (Mumbai), MMS and Certificate in Marketing & Sales (Holland).
An alumnus of IIM (Ahmedabad) he has undergone personal trainings from several international trainers such as Ron Kaufman, Tony Buzan, Bob Urichuk, David Cunningam, Ivan Misner and Harv Ekar.

Having more than 25 years experience in the corporate world with companies like Pfizer and Laxmi Pumps where he held top management positions.
Associated with several international forums as a Trainer with BNI (USA), MILT (Dale Carnegie based module), Landmark Technologies, Professional Insights and SSY. 

She is a qualified BHMS, M.D. (Homoeopath Materia Medica) and META-Health Practitioner. She is working in a dispensary run by Pune Municipal Corporation.
and also working as a Consultant Homoeopath in Inlaks and Budhrani Charitable hospital. Pune
 She is practicing Homoeopathy for last 25 years specially treating cases of Primary Infertility in women with PCOD.She has done her  thesis in treating 40 cases of Acute  diarrhea with moderate dehydration in Paediatric age group of 0-5 years, for M. D.Currently working on cases with META-Health  and Homoeopathy.

Anu Mehta is the first Master Trainer in India of a diagnostics tool called META-Health, and a trainer in Information technology called NES-Health and Advanced Clearing Energetics in India today.  She also trains people in various emotion releasing techniques. She is also a certified Lüscher Colour Diagnostic Practitioner

Anu Mehta assists in healing people by identifying the stress which causes physical and or psychological illness. Anu believes in empowering people. According to her real empowerment can only happen when people identify their stress and then go ahead and make that TRANSFORMATION that is required to have happy and healthy life. The only person who can make that change is YOU. She always says “Don’t give up, just give yourself permission to set yourself free from the chains that are holding you down and making you cry”. So go ahead and make that one change today that can make you feel happy and complete.

Pooja Bedi

Gita has 18 years of experience with Aerobics, 20 years of experience with yoga, and over 13 years of experience with Alternative Healing. She offers comprehensive health solutions using energy medicine to tackle physical discomfort by attacking the mental and emotional issues underlying it. Gita is a Trainer EFT with AAMET, META Health trainer, PEAT and Aspectics Trainer, ACE MASTER, a Reiki Grandmaster and a Magnified Healing Trainer. Gita created the conceptual framework and implements META Yoga, a unique combination of knowledge from META Health and Yoga, along with a variety of influences from other alternative healing disciplines. She has been certified in and also practices Art of Living, Theta Healing, NLP, Picture Tapping, Matrix Re-imprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting, Root Healing, Access Bars, Bach Flower Therapy, Nutrition, Yoga (teacher), Aromatherapy, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Crystal therapy, Colour therapy, Tarot Card Reading, Cartouche reading, TAROT CARDS, RUNES, Dowsing and Hypnosis, among other modalities.

Dr. Abhas Desai, a practicing homeopath for last 30 years, has a unique way of perceiving the energetic and emotional disturbances, which create disease. He explains the concept of illness easily, by de-mystifying this complicated topic of disease by understanding relationship between the disease, emotions and individual perception. He perceives disease as a place in his patient’s life where ‘they feel stuck on their life-path’.

He is not just a doctor but also a spiritual teacher for the people he helps as he has an ability to create a healing energy bond with his patients, which helps him to transform their lives at soul level.

 He has a unique ability to scan and balance the disturbed energy field, and to communicate with the inner core of the diseased person. He is blessed to receive the right information, right up to  the past lives, by communicating with the inner self. He has had success in treating incurable diseases with help of Homeopathic medicines based on the above concept

Leena Kejriwal is a photographer and an installation artist. Her large scale photographic installations have found a home in multiple cities across the globe like Kolkata, Delhi, Tehran, Berlin and Weimer. Her installations are centered on the socio political and economic structure of cities.

Leena has also been associated with many NGOs working towards issues related to young girls. She has done multiple exhibitions and through her photographs made many books come alive.

Kolkata is one city that stays close to her heart and Leena has captured the city and its aura through the lens of her camera.

From star hotels to book covers to exhibitions, Leena’s made her presence felt in the world of art. She has used her work for some very important causes and used art to deliver an important social message.

M.I.S.S.I.N.G project she is currently working on. M.I.S.S.I.N.G is a public art project addressing the issue of the millions of girls disappearing from the face of the earth. The campaign is an art and awareness campaign on the issue of sex trafficking and the multiple girls who are lost to this trade.

The figures for sex trafficking are very alarming and the average age of girls disappearing into sexual exploitation is between 9 and 12 years in India. The issue is all ready tipping our gender statistics and will be endangering our future generations sooner then we can imagine.

The work consists of larger than life fiberglass structures set against the sky in prominent skylines in a city. They are silhouettes of young girls, which once they are set against the sky seem like sharp cut outs in the sky, cut outs which are doorways to black holes into which millions of girls disappear from the face of the earth!

Rahee Joshi, India

Dr Rashmi Nagpal Arora obtained her Bachelors degree in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery in 1996 from University of Delhi and then pursued MBA in Hospital Administration. She  has  a successful homeopathic practice at New Delhi, India.  She has also worked at various renowned institutes in India as Medical Officer and Research and Development Officer, Homeopathy.  In the year 2004 she was  she was awarded by the Board of Homeopathic System of Medicine, New Delhi for meritorious services rendered by her for the cause of homeopathy.
She is practicing META- Health, Colour Diagnosis, Numerical Frequency Treatment and Access bars along with  her homeopathic practice.  She believes in pursuing and integrating  alternative medical systems for the benefit of patients.  She is an ardent reader and writer. Two of her papers have been published in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology and Paediatric Dermatology

Kavita is an Internationally trained and accredited Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Life Coach, a Meta Health Practitioner, a Bowen Therapist and an Inner Child Trauma specialist. She started on this journey in the year 2001, when an accident broker her L4-L5 disc, leaving her semi-paralyzed with seizures. This event turned out to be a stepping stone for her to think differently, about herself and the way she was living. Since then she has been on a journey of finding answers so that she can help people bring positive changes in their lives and lead a more fulfilling and satisfying life. She is a firm believer that to be able to help others you have to first heal yourself and so is committed to continuously working on herself and studying various modalities that will not only help her but even others. Today she specializes in integrating modalities that give quick, amazing and life changing results.  She is able to  pursue her passion with freedom, enjoying perfect health, leaving unhealthy relationships and embracing new loving relationships. Her life is an example of the miracles you can create with the  support of the universe  as you continue to work on yourself and follow your heart.                  

A name that was given to him by the Sun during a special meditation, which translated means "Father of hearts“.

As an introspective consciousness researcher he combines intuition with logic and makes the powerful organizing spiritual principles experienceable in everyday life. By this, one succeeds to bring about changes in the inner world of emotions and thoughts, as well as in the outside world of ones individual life in short time and with little to no effort. His specializations are enhanced awareness, actionable spiritual principles and Unconditional Love.

With the tools of intuition, logic, channeling and 17 years of experience both in coaching and in meditation, students get methods at hand, to continue working independently, as well as understanding the operating mechanisms to act intuitive, creative and self-sufficient in situations requiring harmonization.

"That what is, is peace. All that is needed is to remain in silence. Peace is our true nature."

A Journey that never ends! This has been, and is, the motto and driving force behind Tarminder's spiritual journey that started 25 years ago.  
Always a seeker, it was her quest for answers that led her to learn and master different healing modalities. Her story as a healer began with Reiki. She became a Master teacher and facilitator in Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Magnified Healing, Melchizedek method, and Munay-ki.  Her interests in the metaphysical and spiritual field led her to widen her knowledge and gain more insights into her connection with the creator, mother Earth and all nature. 
Crystal uses and healing, Aura reading, Pendulum Dowsing, Rising Star, Tarot, Shamanism, Past Life Regression, Mandalas, Golden Atlantis, Lemurian Healing,  Activating the illuminated heart, and Telepathic connection with animals, Quantum 2 point method  and  Reconnective healing, she chose varied healing modalities to take her forward on her path. Tarminder was selected amongst many by the Times Of India NIE to visit various schools in Delhi to teach Guided Meditation to children of all classes, an extremely enriching experience.
Tarminder has created a sacred space with high energy at her centre for all healers and practitioners to hold their workshops, whatever their paths may be. After all, a journey is only enriched when your fellow travellers are by your side! 

Dr Anjali Chhabra,India

Astrid Paulini


Lars will be joining us over the Skype.Lars is passionate about spreading hope in the world. He teaches effective techniques to conquer fears and phobias. If you have physical ailments or serious diseases – often the emotional stuff is cleared the body heals itself.
Lars have made more than 50 lectures a year since 2003 about Tapping, Laughter and META-Health. Lars is fun and outgoing and full of surprises.
Lars have had more than 5.000 individual clients since 2000, and trained more than 2000 therapists since 2004.
Together with his wife Hanne Heilesen he has the training company Heilesen & Mygind. Together Hanne and Lars are passionate about teaching people the best healing techniques from around the world.

How to support your loved one with cancer.
Lars will talk about his own process married to Hanne who had cancer four, maybe five times during 12 years and she is now free of symptoms.
What did Hanne do?
What did Lars do, to help Hanne and himself?
How can META-Health be the understanding to create trust, faith and hope.

Sujata Singhi is an international educationist, motivational and keynote speaker, certified leadership and life coach(UK), Richard Bandler Licensed NLP coach and trainer, advanced Shamanic practitioner and a lama initiated Sound bowl healer and trainer from the Himalayan regions of Nepal.
Founder of Divine Soul Sound endorsed by the Governor of Karnataka.
Academics: MBA (finance and marketing) national gold medalist.

Kavita Freedom, India

Dr Rashmi N. Arora, 

India. Homeopathic Practitioner 

Dr Kwesi Anan Odum, Germany

Ms. Sumita Mendiratta, a consultant educational psychologist, counsellor and remedial tutor, has done her masters in clinical psychology with a diploma in guidance and counselling. While conducting her research work in M. Phil (Psychology), in the area of child behavior problems made her aware of the importance of emotional development of the child in the school environment. The area of specialization made her work with autistic children, dealing with concept based teaching as well as behavior management of children and is working in the field of special education since last 6 years. She started her career working as a consultant counsellor to different schools in Panchkula & Chandigarh. The job also involved doing assessments for children with learning problems along with planning of remediation work using multi sensory teaching and behavioral counseling of children and parents as well as conducting awareness workshops for teachers and parents. During this she also had a chance to attend a weeklong session on new techniques of Sonday System by Arlene Sonday (USA lead) and also got trained in Instrumental Enrichment programme by Prof. Reuven Feuerstein, (ICELP) Israel. Her special area of interest is working with children having learning problems and optimising the potential of each child through various effective teaching  strategies such as study skills and group dynamics. She believes in taking into account individual learning styles and the theory of multiple intelligence to empower the child to be the best he/she can be. Her area of specialisation also includes the use of effective behaviour management techniques to deal with the social and emotional problems in ADD/ADHD children. She has worked extensively in area of creating awareness in parents & teachers because she believes that developing a child’s potential depends on a partnership between the parents and the education system as well as to empower the parents so that they can deal with their children effectively. She has also been trained in the Tools of the Trade and Basic one Brain as a part of the series of 3-in-1 concepts, USA designed to increase perception and the ability to identify and defuse stress-related issues, thereby enhancing performance, increasing self-esteem, reducing stress and returning the person to an awareness of CHOICE. She uses Brain Gym and Beyond (basic) body co-ordination exercises that helps individuals co-ordinate left and right brain and thus make learning stress free along with building concentration and social integration skills.




Namarata Thakker, Australia, India

Currently majoring in Psychology
(From Mumbai University)
And pursuing her career in clinical psychology.
Meta medicine practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique, Advanced Clearing Energetics, Genius Report and attended Meta-Vision workshop.
Her major interests are in studying in depth research on brain malfunctioning and incorporating Meta-Health science.She is very dedicated and compassionate towards helping people and bringing a change in their lives 

Ms. Sumita Mendiratta, India

Dr. Nivedta N. Patil , India