​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Post Conference Courses - February 20nd - 23rd, 2017​ 

10:00 AM- 5:00 PM

20th February, 2017

​10:00 AM- 5:00 PM

One day workshop on How to read brain CT by Dr. Anton Bader. This workshop is 75 dollars only

Dr. Anton Bader, one of the pioneers in META-Health and Brain Relay Diagnostics. Did you know that just by looking at your Brain (using a CT scan) he will tell you exactly which

Organs are under stress or in regeneration,
What conflicting emotions and thoughts you experience and
What steps to take to heal yourself naturally.

You might ask how is this possible? Find out how … Pretty amazing!

21st, February, 2017 - 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Three workshops run parallel to each other, choose a workshop. Each workshop is 100 dollars 

META-Kinetics - A quantum leap in META-Health Methodology by Robert Waghmare - Duration is 1 day 
Join an inspirational seminar and demonstration with Robert Waghmare
Robert the founder of the META-Health Academy Ltd (UK), IMMA Executive Board, META-Health Senior Master Trainer, Consultant, Researcher and Developer, EFT Master Trainer, Access Consciousness Practitioner and Co-Creator of META-Kinetics with 11 years experience

META-Kinetics repeatedly produces astounding results!!

Witness Robert communicating with the intelligence of a demo subjects body-field and achieve the following:
Discover and verify the life areas and issues creating the most stress in seconds
Identify organ-brain-emotions involved with the stress
Reduce the key stressors and balance emotional energy in minutes
Highlight the changes that need to be made for further coaching and therapy


Self-Healing with New Consciousness - Duration - 1day - Jasmina Kovacev

Let us put a few facts together before we dive into the subject of self-healing with a new consciousness. Self-healing is a birth right- we were all born with it.Our being does not have only a physical body, but other bodies too (emotional, mental, intuitive, and spiritual).All bodies are part of one and impact on one effects all others.Science and spirituality might observe life and human being differently but we are living in the time when their views are closer than ever before. Advanced scientist are proving it daily. Even though our senses cannot register certain things (e.g phantom pains) and we have no way of explaining them, we cannot deny them.
We all know those that were healed by physical means (diet, nutrition, healing substances) those that were healed by resolving their emotional and belief issues, those that were healed by pure faith in Divine beings or the Creator.

There are around 40 000 people today on this planet living on prana, with no physical food. If that is possible, and healing from spiritual level is possible (some call it miracles), there must be a way for every human being to achieve it. And there is a way - but it does require preparation, inner work and practice that lead us to different level of functioning.
Everything is information. When some organ is not functioning properly, information in the organ is not in alignment with Creator’s Norm blueprint.We all heard that the Creator made a human being resembling him. Therefore it is quite understandable that human beings should be able to act as a Creator does. Unfortunately we forgot that we can and it is time to start recovering that knowledge. We are creators. Let us start learning how to create the outcome what we want and navigate our future events, including self-healing using The New Consciousness Technology.We are so conditioned to believe only in what we can see that, though we might apply different techniques of New Consciousness, our lack of beliefs and our way of thinking will undo the work that we have achieved. For this reason people get different results. In order to get results with New Consciousness technologies we need to be open minded and work on structuring our consciousness. We also need to develop, or recover, our forgotten abilities of intuition and clairsentience.  With confidence and conviction and the tools of New Technologies we can act like the Creator does and control and navigate future events, including our health.

During our one day workshop we will explore
Who we are in relation to Creator
Who is doing the healing
What are tools of the soul
How to use some of tools for healing and regeneration.
And much more…
The most knowledge in the area of New Consciousness came from Russian scientist Grigori Petrovič Grabavoj. In 1994 he visited India and had the privilege to be seen by Baba Nagpal in Chhattarpur temple. It is important to mention that Baba Nagpal predicted that Grigori Petrovič Grabavoj will use his energy and extra-sensory skills for controlling and influencing events for the benefit and wellbeing of all humanity. Baba Nagpals predictions are known to be 100% accurate.Jasmina Kovacev, BSc,  META-Health Master Trainer, EFT Master Trainer, utilizes range of approaches at all levels of human being, when working with students and clients. 


Meditation with the Sun for Health Transformation- Duration - 1day by Stefan Strecker,

He likes to call himself Abuna Semai - This name was given to him by the Sun during a special meditation, which translated means "Father of hearts“.

​Meta-Health is providing the link from mind to body. In this workshop I provide the link between your soul and your mind. From this point of view, the real reason of illnesses and true health is not found yet, it wasn't found in school medicine and it can not be found in the mind. I will show you what I discovered during meditation and intuition teacher in theory and practice. 
One of the most effective practices to clear the mind of all conflicts at the same time, and not only one by one, I discovered in 2010 and understood its mechanisms: Meditation with the Sun, the source of all life on this planet. The Sun can do much more for humanity than is understood currently and for the first time in India I will teach

"Sun-meditation" at the one day post-congress workshop, a very easy method to reconnect with the most powerful physical source of life, to release the conditioned mind to it's natural state of perfect peace, with all the positive effects to the physical body.

22nd February, 2017 - 10AM - 5PM

Two workshops run parallel to each other, choose a workshop. Each workshop is 100 dollars 

META - Peat by Astrid Paulini

META-Peat is a spiritual technology to harmonise polarities. PEAT is an easy process of integrating diverse polarities and duality present in everything around us. It helps us to integrate polarities and un-trigger and neutralise physical symptoms, disease, negative beliefs, emotions, beliefs, behaviours, judgments and brings about spiritual growth by bringing about the feeling of being complete.Before birth we are devoid of this polarities. Theoretically we know about polarities but are ignorant about the process required to manage and unify polarities. Daily we strive to achieve  only  the positive part of the polarities and ignore the negative polarities, yet we need both these polarities to create oneness.When we only strive towards positive we at subconscious level create negative which shows up in our lives. Our brain and body is unable to control the process of constantly and continuously switching  polarities which can create physical symptom


"The Healing Psyche" - How to influence cancer -2 day training from  21st February  and 22nd February at a special price of 125 dollars by Rob AA van Overbruggen.

For the first time ever presented here at the conference in Mumbai 2017. Rob van Overbruggen Ph.D. will share his insights about what you can do to influence your cancer, or the cancer of your loved ones.

First time ever
This groundbreaking training and experience is based on his bestseller “Healing Psyche” which has sold many many copies and is being used in the top clinics in the world.

During this 2 day training you will learn exact strategies and a step by step plan on how to work with yourself and your loved ones to re-activate your self healing abilities. The information, tools, technologies that will be shared in this exclusive seminar are not shared before and can be applied to any serious illness.

Unlock YOUR healing ability

In his work Rob discovered the main pattern of people that healed themselves from cancer. Applying these patterns will revolutionize your take on health or as Christiane Nortrup said about Rob’s work “This book might save your life”
This interactive seminar will be limited to only a few very committed people. Depending on the early bookings and what kind of room we can get, this seminar might be sold out before you know.

Grab your spot NOW
So purchase your ticket now with the link below. Only this will ensure that you will have a guaranteed seat in this training.
If you postpone, you might risk of not being able to be at this exclusive training. The next opportunity is in September in Curacao (10.000 Dollar retreat)

Learn the latest
You will learn and experience
What makes emotions reduce your self healing ability
Release those emotional blockages (and you will actually experience that in the room… guaranteed)
How to help others releasing those blocking emotions
Learn the 3 major strategies to deal with ANY serious disease
Gain deeper understanding and know what to do to stay healthy for a lifetime.
… much more

 Only for this conference in Mumbai the price is dramatically reduced to a fraction of the price…. And only for the first few people. Check the tickets below to see what options are still left.

 Learn the same techniques and tools that private clients have paid thousands of dollars to get a glimpse on.
Have the same experience as people in retreats of 10.000 dollar and up

Book NOW by clicking the link below to guarantee your seat

People can get their early bird tickets at:

23rd February, 2017- 10:00AM - 5 PM

Two workshops run parallel to each other, choose a workshop. Each workshop is 100 dollar


One day  Workshop on Luscher Colour Diagnostics by Anu Mehta

                       Do you want to find out how you really feel?

Colours visualise emotions.  With the The Lüscher-Color-Test  the hidden cause of disease, mental disorders and conflicts can be revealed. Furthermore the Lüscher Test shows a persons ability to withstand stress, to perform, to communicate and also reveals the persons "love profile".  

Because the colour selections are guided in an unconscious manner, they reveal the person as he or she really is, and not as he or she perceives him - or herself, or as he, or she would like to be seen, which occurs when questions are asked directly or by questionnaires. 


              Do you want to know about the emotion behind your symptoms?

The intention of the workshop is that you get understanding about the meaning of the 4 basic colours and their association to the dis-ease-health process and love profile.

The result of the LÜSCHER COLOR-DIAGNOSTIC contains indications for personal assessment and a mental strategy to how psychological stress can be balanced before the stress leads to physical symptoms, the LÜSCHER COLOUR TEST has preventive function. 


​                                 Discover why certain experiences make you ill.

Astro-Medicine is considering the impact of time on our health. Time is form structuring and depending on the time and place we were born we bring patterns of experience in our lives. This patterns of experience show as predisposition for dis-eases, dis-ease as a possibility.

                             What can we learn from the Birth Charts of Celebrities?

The Astro-medical  Methodology ASTROPOLARITY is exploring the universal law of life, the law of cause and effect. The cause always has to do with the past. To this extent, it comes from the past and acts in the present. The effect, the disease, is something that only emerges in the present, but continues to radiate into the future. This lesson of cause and effect is the most important to understand in the context of disease. The birth chart of celebrities are shown to illustrate the astro-medical-constellations.

                                              Find the Solution for your Dis-Ease Programs 

The intention of the workshop is to share that every disease can be translated in an astro-medical constellation and from this astro-medical constellation the cause and the solution can be deducted.  Within every birth chart the solution can be found, the solution is within ourselves.

           One Day Workshop on Astro Medicine with Dr. Kwesi 

8th META-Health Conference February 16 - 19, 2017