8th META-Health Conference,

Join us Feb 16-19, 2017 for the  8th META-Health Conference in Mumbai. It is an opportunity to gain clarity about the root causes of disease

    ▪     Improve your physical, mental and emotional health and vitality.

    ▪     Understand and experience why your emotions and thoughts can make you sick or heal you.

    ▪    Be inspired by Integrative Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Energy Workers, ...

    ▪     Meet and share with like-minded people who are passionate about healthy and conscious living. 

    ▪    Share your own story and experience in the open forum sessions

Six Powerful Reasons Why META-Health Is A Revolutionary Health Paradigm 

    ▪    Radically expands your 'trust' in your Body's Healing Intelligence

    ▪    Identifies the Root-Cause and Process of Disease 

    ▪    Helps to promote Self-Healing capacity of individual

    ▪    Connects Organs, Stress, Emotion, Belief, Self-Image with Specific Symptoms 

    ▪    Teaches you the 8 META-Health Milestones of Self-Healing

    ▪    Can be integrated in any Therapy System

    ▪    Can be explained by Scientific Research in Psychoneuroimmunology, Psychosomatic Medicine and Epi-Genetics